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Clark-Jackson-Oakley home
Holidays have always been special in Holcomb. Gary and Cletia Clanton share the season at the Clark-Jackson-Oakley home   (above and below) in Block G facing Williams Street/Sparta Road.

A sampler of homes
in Holcomb, Miss.

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Clark-Jackson-Oakley home Cecil Jacks home
The Cecil Jacks home in Block C facing Paschal Street.
Roland Hill home
The home of J. Roland and Thelma Hill in Block 8 facing Paschal Street.
Minyard-White home
This house in Block 8 facing Paschal Street was home to the family of "Bud" Minyard, Gladys and J.P. White and Bena White.
Norris home
Carmel and Mary Ella Norris lived in this home in Block 9 facing Tuscahoma Street.
Clark-Hayden-DeLoach home
The families of C.C. "Foots" Clark, D.K. Hayden and Ward DeLoach lived in this home on Williams Street/Sparta Road.
Hye-Townsend-Knights-R.L. Harris home
The Hye-Townsend-Knights-R.L. Harris home is in Block 12 facing Tuscahoma Street.
Jackson home
The home of Tommy and Ester Faye Jackson is in Block 8 facing Paschal Street.
Payne home
The Payne home is in Block B facing Tuscahoma Street.

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