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Chief Isaac Perry

Isaac Perry was the son of Hardy Perry Sr., believed to be one of the first white traders among the Choctaws (as early as 1767). Hardy Perry was a wide-ranging trader and operated a trading post near present-day Tupelo, Mississippi. He came to the territory from Georgia and reportedly was the first to introduce oxen into the Choctaw Nation, bringing the animals north from Mobile.

He had a Choctaw wife named Anolah, who lived near present-day Grenada, Mississippi. He also may have had a wife in the neighboring Chickasaw Nation.

Isaac was one off the six children of Hardy Perry and Anolah. Like his father, he also is believed to have had homes and families in both the Choctaw and Chickasaw nations. In the Choctaw Nation, his land included what became the Eliot Mission site and the present-day town of Holcomb.

Isaac Perry was one of the signers of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in 1830 and soon after sold his reserved property in Mississippi. He is believed to have moved to Indian Territory in what is now Oklahoma, though some say that according to Choctaw custom he was buried under the floor of his home near Holcomb.

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