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Artist's image of Main Street
Down at the end of Main Street, under the big oaks (left), C.B. Johnson's blacksmith shop across from the cotton gin was a gathering place for the town's men. Another familiar sight was a man named Charlie, who turned an old car hood into a sled to which hitched his mule to haul away folks' trash.

Simpler times

In a time when small-town America, with its independent stores, family farms and local characters is being swept away by interstates, television and megamarts, small towns that have survived offer a tantalizing memory of years when time moved slower and summers seemed to last forever.

Holcomb, Mississippi, echoes that era, even as the old stores have crumbled and the town has become a bedroom community for larger towns nearby.

Stores on North Main looking east toward the cafe with the Jackson store on the left.
The original Holcomb Bank
on North Main Street, later a grocery.
Jackson's Store
Lincoln Jackson in Jackson's store.
Jackson's Store
Lincoln and Lucy Jackson in Jackson's store.
Originally Bill Martin's store at the corner 
of Tuscohoma Street and North Main
Street, later C.W. Lott's store and the
office of the justice of the peace, with
the Hayden cotton gin in the background.
The old railroad depot between
South Main and North Main streets. See railroad.
The old gin on the right, looking east down North Main Street to the depot on the right and, at the end of the street, the fertilizer and seed house.
Honeysuckle Lane
Honeysuckle Lane, the
road to Guy's Corner.
Main Street
The old gin on the right, looking east at 
the stores along North Main Street.
Post Office
The Holcomb Post Office on North Main Street.
Service station
D.L. Holcomb's original service station, later used as a post office, at North Main and Tuscahoma.
Looking west on North
Main, the Harris-Nason store, the third post office (later a pool hall) and the McRee store.
Looking west on North Main Street, the
Harris-Nason store, the third post office
(later a pool hall) and the McRee store.
Holcomb School, built in 1936, on Highway 7 with Honeysuckle Lane to the left.
Old school
Holcomb School, shown in a 1919 newspaper photo.

The first Holcomb school was a small building with one teacher. This later was enlarged and a second teacher added. Then a two-story building was constructed and remained in use until a brick building (old newspaper photo) was built in 1916-17. This was replaced in 1936 by the larger brick building (above right).

Looking out the window of the old seed building on North Main Street toward Williams Street/Sparta Road.
Section house
The old railroad Section House in the railroad right of way. See railroad.


Many residents fondly remember early movies in a makeshift theater in the former Arthur Williams store on North Main Street near the old bank. Featuring an often balky projector, reels of flickering images and rough stair-step bleacher seats, the cinema was a weekend tradition. Tickets were 10-15 cents, and the doors were flung open in the summer because it was so hot.

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