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Holcomb, Mississippi

More photos capture
the town's flavor

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Ruth, William Holcomb out fishing
Everybody in Holcomb had fish stories, including Ruth and William Holcomb, who show off a catch at Dan Blue's home on Black Hawk Lake in the late 1940s.
Chick Cresswell, Dot Hayden
Chick Cresswell (left) and Dot Hayden show off a fine catch.
Mary McRee, Helen Gibson
Mary McRee (left) and Helen Gibson went after catfish.
Cleaning fish
Fulton McRee (right) does the dirty work of cleaning huge buffalo fish on the porch of his Main Street store.
Fulton McRee
Recollections of Fulton McRee invariably include "Fulton was just a lot of fun."  He's shown here in 1941.
Fishing boats
Long, flat boats were perfect for fishing on the lakes edged with cypresses in 1945.
Fulton McRee
Fulton McRee wasn't the only one smiling as he reads headlines announcing the end of World War II.
Sally Workman
Miss Sally Workman was the beloved teacher of generations of second-graders.
Jimmie Hill, Kathleen Oakley
Jimmie Hill (left) and Kathleen Oakley ran the school lunch room in the 1950s.
Katie McRee Mary Alice McRee, Bernice Curry
In 1945, Katie McRee (far left), Mary Alice McRee (above left) and Bernice Curry pose for photos on a picnic outing. Mrs. Curry also taught third grade.
Karen Holcomb and Charlie Morrow consider leaving home in 1958.
Andrew Jackson Curry (left) and Jack Hey Curry ran the drug store in what was later Gibson's Drug Store and then the post office.
Doll parade
In 1950, Pat Holcomb and Benny Rose put their toys on parade.

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