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Holcomb, Mississippi

More photos capture
the town's past

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Norris service station
At the intersection of Highway 7 South and Highway 8, the Norris service station was a town gathering place. Lamar "Slim" Norris is at right.
Goat carts
Horse power was in the future. Holcomb's children first harnessed goat power. From left are Kirk McRee, Jack McRee, B.F. Smith and William Holcomb.
Goat cart
William Holcomb in his goat cart.
Webster Buchanan
"Mr. Buck," Webster Buchanan, was the long-time Holcomb school superintendent.
First grade
This first grade class at Holcomb Elementary included (from left rear) Marguerite Bibb, B.F. Smith, Marjorie Gibson, William Holcomb and Margaret Stewart Carver. B.F. Smith later was president of the Delta Council.
First day of school
Gloria Norris (left) and a schoolmate pose in front of Gloria's home on Tuscahoma Street on the first day of school.
Gloria Norris
Years later, Gloria Norris, who went on to become editor of the Book of the Month Club, stands outside a Holcomb school building.
Among the Y-Teens in this photo are Gloria Norris, Barbara Cunningham, Virginia Ferguson, Joy Allen, Barbara Corder, Jeanette Hayden, Patsy Hammons and Jingle Edison, with their adviser Bena Whte at right.
7th grade
This seventh-grade class includes Glenda Minyard, Alma Grantham, Patsy Payne, Rose Anne Dunn, Dorothy Hayden, Woodsie Hill, Lavonne Jackson, Oglelene Cunningham, Buddy Clark, Vernon McNeer, Billy Billups, Jack Holland Curry and Cebo Little.
Gladys and J.P. White
Gladys and J.P. White stand outside their South Main Street store, where generations of Holcomb residents bought everything from bacon to long-johns.
Lucy Jackson
Lucy Jackson pauses on South Main Street in 1958 after picking up her mail.
Duckett and Mary Ella
Duckett McMahon (left) and Mary Ella Norris were at the center of Holcomb life, dispensing the mail and the news at the post office.
Post office staff
This 1958 photo shows more of the post office crew. From left are postmistress Duckett McMahon, mail carrier F.B. Scott, mail carrier William Holcomb, mail carrier Richard Carver and mail carrier Jack Hey Curry.

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